Cyber Simulation Game

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Are you prepared for a cybersecurity breach? Steens & Partners is delighted to invite you for an exclusive and exciting cyber security simulation session at the US Ambassador's Recidence.  A simulation focused on the first critical days of a ransomware attack.


We will present you with a tabletop simulation that will immerse all the participants in a cyberattack without risking a thing — other than your heart rate! You will explore the dynamics and drivers of a cyber-attack scenario, including liability exposures to organizations as well as directors and officers. Working with facilitators, you will manage a fictional company’s cyber event response and learn firsthand cyber risk management best practices, including prioritization of cyber threats and other risks, and response planning to protect the company and its directors and officers. Interact with other industry leaders and subject matter experts here in the Netherlands to discuss opportunities to strengthen your organization’s cyber-resilience and to build the confidence and strength to respond quickly and effectively in the event of a security incident.

This exclusive session is only for C-level officers and is available for a limited number of participants. Contact us for more details.