Cyber Security Readiness Evaluation

In exclusive partnership with a world-class listed consultancy firm, we offer our clients a tailored “Cyber Security Readiness Evaluation Report” of your company. The evaluation intends to answer the following questions:

  • Is my Cyber Risk Posture in line with my business / enterprise risk AND the cyber threats we face?
  • How is my Cyber Security Investment and Budget compared to my peers and is the investment spend justified?
  • Are my Cyber Security Architecture & Security Controls adequate? 
  • Are my Cyber Defence Capabilities effective? 

          Ransomware readiness - is my company prepared for any attack?

          Incident Response & Forensic capabilities - is my company reactive or proactive?

          Attack Surface – are my Vulnerability, Patch, Assets & Hardening Controls effective?

  • Is my Security Operating Center (SOC) or Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) providing the right outcomes for our security operations /cyber defense program?
  • Can my SOC/MSSP scale with the growing threat landscape?
  • Are my Incident Response capabilities able to handle current and evolving threats for our company?
  • Are my People and Processes setup correctly to detect and respond to relevant evolving cyber threats against my industry and my company?

The goal is to provide our clients with key insights of the Cyber Security Program and Operational Effectiveness, identify gaps and risks, and provide high-level recommendations that can be used to create a roadmap to mitigate risks and improve maturity posture.

Steens & Partners looks forward to shaping and building First Class Future-proof Finance & IT with you.

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